Employee Spotlight: Jon

Above and Beyond

Raised with a strong work-ethic, Jon has always strived to go above and beyond. This ethic serves him well in his role as Maintenance Technician at LG Energy Solution. 

Jon joined the LG Energy Solution team in 2018 after working for over a decade on the line at a local automotive manufacturer. After working a year in the coating department, Jon quickly saw LG’s values of growth and upward movement in action as he moved into the maintenance department as a Maintenance Technician.


Jon solves electrical and mechanical issues for a variety of departments. “It’s great to use the mechanical aspect of my mind in my job,” he said. “I really enjoy problem solving and figuring things out.” The variety and hands-on nature of his work provides Jon with an engaging career.

Jon has worked in the automotive industry his whole life. Prior to his last job, he worked on custom automotive interiors. He is grateful for the opportunity to branch out with his position at LG Energy Solution after working on a manufacturing line for many years. 

“Most manufacturers won’t consider you without a journeyman’s license or prior experience,” said Jon. Thankfully, Jon’s demonstrated work ethic allowed him the chance to move into an engaging new position. “Working in maintenance at LG was an opportunity to pursue a career that I really wanted.”