Employee Spotlight: Josh

Josh came to LG Energy Solution Michigan, Inc. in May 2020 after a friend spoke well of the company and referred him. Previously, Josh worked in a variety of industries including furniture manufacturing.

Working as a Technical Operator in the material management department, Josh and his team feed parts to production lines throughout the company, making sure each line is well supplied. 

Great People, Fast-Paced Work

In his position, Josh has the opportunity to interact with people from every department. He has been particularly struck by how helpful his coworkers are. “They’re easy to get along with and easy to work with,” Josh said.

Other than his coworkers, Josh also mentioned that he enjoyed the work itself. “The job is fast-paced and I enjoy that aspect,” he said. Supplying parts to different production lines requires a significant amount of walking as his team of 11-12 in material management bring needed items to different areas and departments in totes or on wheeled carts.

Josh also recently started as a member of LG’s volunteer fire brigade. This additional responsibility will require extra training and exercises, including first-aid training and other drills to keep the team prepared and ready in the event of an emergency.