Employee Spotlight: Charlie S.

Charlie has been working for LG Energy Solution, Michigan for over eleven years in various roles. He’s spent the last seven years as a production supervisor in the electrode department where he oversees a team of production associates. An average day in Charlie’s life includes managing team member schedules, distributing assignments, scheduling maintenance work and ensuring the line runs smoothly. 

Drawn to a Growing Industry

Before joining the LGESMI team, Charlie worked in the solar industry. He enjoyed his work in renewable energy, so when it came to switching careers, LGESMI was the obvious choice. “This company is expanding rapidly and it’s happening right here in Holland. There are a lot of opportunities to grow in your position,” Charlie said. 

When asked how his position is different from previous jobs, Charlie talked about how busy his team is. “We constantly have new customers. It’s a great, secure job in a growing industry,” Charlie said. 

Leading a Successful Team

“My favorite part of my job is working with my team,” Charlie said. He enjoys training new team members, setting them up with the right mentors and watching them succeed in their jobs. Charlie says that everyone on his team asks each other for help when they need it. He’s happy about the camaraderie that’s been cultivated.  

When Charlie isn’t working, he enjoys spending time with his family, taking trips when they can.