High Potential Program

Hello & Welcome to
the High Potential Program

LG Energy Solution Michigan (LGESMI) is excited to announce a high potential program that will invest in the future leaders of LGESMI through accelerated development, including off-sites, workshops, and international travel. It will also build a collaborative team to solve real business challenges.

What is a HiPo?

“High potentials consistently and significantly outperform their peer groups in a variety of settings and circumstances. While achieving these superior levels of performance, they exhibit behaviors that reflect their companies’ culture and values in an exemplary manner. Moreover, they show a strong capacity to grow and succeed throughout their careers within an organization—more quickly and effectively than their peer groups do.”

–Harvard Business Review

A HiPo is found at the intersection of three key markers: aspiration, ability, engagement.


To rise to more challenging and senior roles


To be successful in more challenging and senior roles


To commit to the organization and remain in challenging and senior roles

High Performers = High Ability


Only 29% of High Performers are

also High Potentials

Are you a high potential?

A High Potential Employee…

Seeks out roles of higher commitment Develops a compelling vision Finds alignment between personal and organization goals
Prefers fast-paced, agile environments Articulates and communicates goals that motivate others Invests in the current and future success of the organization
Wants to exercise, influence, and shape how things are done Provides clear direction Seeks a meaningful path to career development
Is attracted to roles that allow for autonomy and flexibility Communicates effectively and supports others through change Pursues reach opportunities
Pursues roles that provide variety and stimulation Executes tasks and projects to realize tangible goals and objectives Sets and strives for ambitious career goals

What’s in it for you?

  • Accelerated development for leadership roles
  • Organization-wide business exposure
  • Membership in an elite team of existing and future LGESMI leaders
  • Company-paid travel, off-sites, and celebrations

Minimum Criteria


Two years of continuous employment at LG Energy Solution


An A or S on 2 most recent performance reviews


Hold a salaried position

Selection Process


Ensure you meet the minimum criteria and then apply through this Microsoft Form.

Apply by: Dec 19, midnight


Exceptional candidates will be invited to interview.


Selected candidates will be announced and celebrated in early 2023.

Program Highlights

Once candidates are selected, development and team bonding opportunities will be offered throughout the year.

Offsite Events

  • Opening & Closing Celebrations
  • 3-Day Spring Offsite
  • 1-Day Summer Explore
  • 1-Day Fall Give-Back

Monthly Workshops

5 monthly workshops will be distributed throughout the year to compliment other program offerings

Team Projects

As a team, you will be charged with completing a TDR or equivalent cross-departmental project.

International Travel

In support of LG Energy Solution’s global presence, international travel to one of our sister locations will be expected.


As High Potentials continue through the program, they move into new and exciting development.

Year 1: Immersion

Leadership Development & Business Exposure

+Team Project

Year 2: Emerging

Leadership Development & Job Shadow

+Individual Project

Year 3: Surpassing

Alumni Program & Mentorship

+Project Coaching

Advanced: Transcending

Executive Development

+Business Innovation