Employee Spotlight – A Ra C.


A Ra started her career as a lean manufacturing engineer at LG Energy Solution Michigan, Inc. on the innovation & strategy team. As a lean six sigma (LSS) specialist, she was responsible for leading and deploying best practices in the lithium ion battery manufacturing process. Utilizing LSS principles, she reinforced yearly company goals by reducing the overall project investment costs, improved the flow of material and information, and optimized engineering performance. 

Throughout 2022, she was responsible for constructing, leading and managing the LG Energy Solution Michigan employees’ LSS education program for both green belt and black belt courses. While managing this program, she worked on scoping various tear-down and redesign projects and moved project KPIs in the optimal direction. 

Recently, A Ra transitioned into a new role as an electrode mixing & coating engineer. In this new role, she executes multiple electrode technology projects by utilizing various LSS statistical analysis and technical project management skills. When asked about the transition, A Ra said, “LG supported me in finding a role that better suited my long-term career interests and helped me to smoothly transition.”

Developing Communication Skills

For her work on the innovation & strategy team, A Ra held several LSS training sessions to assist in certifying other engineers. In launching her LSS program, she developed diverse communication skills, both in Korean and English. In addition, A Ra quickly adapted and learned how to speak to large groups of people, maintain positive communication, teach effectively in short time frames and to advertise her program to others. “Launching a new LSS program allowed me to take initiative and learn program management skills,” A Ra said.

Strong Work Relationships

“I love the people here! Everyone is so welcoming,” A Ra said when asked about what onboarding with the company was like. She maintains close relationships with her coworkers from multiple teams. “Working at LG is a unique experience. We’re a multicultural company with people from all over the world working here. I love learning from so many different perspectives and cultures. Reinforcing Korean language skills is a plus,” A Ra said.

When she isn’t working, A Ra loves snowboarding throughout winter and having beach days in the summertime.

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