Employee Spotlight- Johnny A.


Johnny was recently promoted from a production engineer to a pack part leader. In his new supervisory role, Johnny has taken on a lot of extra responsibility. Team communication has been extremely important to him during his transition, which is why he established weekly supervisory meetings. This way, the team goals are regularly aligned, and he leaves with a better understanding of which tasks he should prioritize for the week and which items he should distribute to others.

Support From the Team

Johnny says that working at LG has helped him grow in his collaboration skills. He quickly learned that LG has a large network of resources that he has access to any time he has a question. “When I need support, I always know who to ask,” Johnny says. His colleagues are always willing to help each other learn a new task or implement a new protocol.

Career Longevity

Johnny feels that working at LG provides a “brilliant future” in an industry that continues to grow. “LG is an international company and everyone knows them. The automotive industry is huge, and I want to be part of it,” he says. Johnny feels lucky to have landed here after working several other jobs. None of them have compared to the benefits, job security and cleanliness that LG provides its employees. 

Outside of work, Johnny enjoys spending time with his wife and children. When they have the time, they love to travel together.

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