Employee Spotlight – Paul P.


Paul is a training coordinator in the pack department. He works with new employees to coordinate their training schedules, ensuring everyone is safe and comfortable in their positions and communicating new safety protocols to team members. Paul is often the information bridge between engineers, line workers and supervisors. 

Communicating With the Team

When asked about how his skills have improved since working at LG Energy Solution Michigan, Inc., Paul points to his improved communication skills. He’s learned to navigate professional conversations across platforms such as email and amongst different groups of people. “I make sure that each employee’s voice is heard so that no one feels left out or isolated,” Paul says. In order to accomplish this, he’s had to work on how he speaks with trainees and how he communicates their concerns to upper management.

Inspiring Others, Inspiring Growth

“I work on a team of go-getters,” Paul said, “Everyone is energetic and ready to start their day when they come in to work.” Paul works with another coordinator on a regular basis, and the two of them prioritize making their line an exciting place to work. 

Paul also expressed his excitement about the future of the company. “The expansion is amazing. We’re definitely on the cutting edge of technology,” Paul said. LG Energy Solution Michigan’s rapid growth and innovative technology is what drew Paul to the company when he first applied. He feels that there is job security in this field, and it will only continue to grow. 

One of the many growth opportunities LG Energy Solution Michigan provides is to become a trained first responder. Paul is proud to have undergone this training and is on-call during his shifts to respond to emergencies. 

When he isn’t working, Paul enjoys watching movies and hiking trails to relax. 

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