Internship Spotlight: Benjamin J.

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Benjamin pursued an internship with LG Energy Solution Michigan because of the company’s reputation for quick growth in the EV battery industry. As a mechanical engineering major at Ferris State University, he saw an opportunity to gain practical, hands-on experience as a technology team intern in the pack department.

Turning Education Into Reality

“I think the internship experience gives you a more realistic view of what engineering actually is. Our schooling consists of memorizing equations and solving specific problems, but at LG Energy Solution Michigan, I had to take that knowledge and apply it in a real way. I had to consider real world issues such as ergonomic concerns and length of down time. It’s helped me understand what an engineer actually does,” said Benjamin.

Making A Lasting Impact

LG Energy Solution Michigan’s internship programs are designed to give students experience solving real-world problems. While Benjamin worked daily on a variety of projects, he remembers one most fondly. “I’m extremely proud of creating a component that solved an issue on the pack line. I created a component that helped stabilized packs. This project had many constraints, such as ergonomic considerations, material restrictions and variations in bolt and pack sizes that had to be considered when forming a solution,” Benjamin said.

Working as a team to solve problems was another skill Benjamin learned in his internship experience. “One project I worked on ended up incorporating multiple team members’ solutions. It was interesting to learn that some problems can’t be solved with just one fix,” said Benjamin.

Lasting Friendships

“The most fun part about my internship has been meeting the other interns. We’re from different parts of the world, go to different schools and are getting different degrees. It’s been great to learn from one another,” Benjamin said. He would recommend this internship experience to anyone interested in working in a fast-paced, hands-on environment.

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