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LG Energy Solution is shaping the future of the automotive industry by leading the EV charge and paving the path toward a more sustainable future. By powering EV today, we are preserving tomorrow.


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Changing Energy,
Charging Life

LG Energy Solution Michigan is part of a leading global company that manufactures and designs lithium-ion batteries for electric vehicles, mobility, IT, and energy storage systems.

Who We Are

We are part of LG Energy Solution’s global network headquartered in South Korea. Our Michigan locations manufacture and research electric vehicle battery technologies for some of the most recognizable car brands in the world.

Energy Solutions for a
Better World

We aim to become an eco-friendly company that puts the environment first, fulfills its social responsibilities, and is sustainable in its business activities. Read more about how we prioritize our people and our world.

Who We Work With

We partner with some of the most recognizable car brands in the world, bringing the power of electric vehicle battery technologies to your doorstep.

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