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Lithium-Ion Polymer Battery Cells

LG Energy Solutions Michigan manufactures and designs large lithium-ion polymer battery cells and packs for electric vehicles (EVs) and other energy storage applications. Watch the video to learn the science behind lithium-ion batteries.

Battery Creation Process


      • Raw materials are mixed into an electrode coating.
      • The electrode material is applied as a coating to sheets of copper and aluminum foil.
Electrode team members


      • A separator and sheets of the electrode-coated material are joined together in a cell using an LG-patented folding and stacking process.
      • Lead tabs are attached to the folded cells.
      • Cells are filled with electrolytes.
assembly team members


      • Cells are activated through charge and discharge in the formation process.
formation team member


      • Cells are packed into batteries for the automotive industry and other energy storage applications.

Watch the video to hear from LG Energy Solution employees about what it’s like to work in the Pack Department!


What Our Employees Are Saying

Great Benefits

“What brought me to LG was the global brand name and the commitment to renewable energy. The great benefits offered for myself and my family and the endless career opportunities have kept me here.”

Raul S.

Technical Operator II, Electrode

A Feeling of Fulfillment

“I really liked the idea of working for a well-known international corporation. I’ve always wanted to work in the alternative or renewable energy sector. I feel fulfilled working here at LG knowing the EV is the way of the future and that our business will only grow.”

Andrew L.

Q.A. Engineer, Pack

Open-Door Communication

“I definitely enjoy the people at LG! I have never worked in a company where I have gotten the opportunity to make friends and have conversations from technical operators on the production floor, to office staff (purchasing/accounting), HR, up to the president. The president walks the production floor and will talk to operators, make conversations and actually listen to what those individuals have to say. I have never worked in a company where there is such open-door communication.”

Elena S.


An Amazing Team

“I really enjoy the people that I work with. My team makes it easy to come in on weekends and still have a good time while getting the job done. My supervisor has helped me get where I want to be and continues to teach me ways to be a better leader.”

Jasmine R.

Types of Jobs Available


Electrode, Assembly, Formation & Pack, Forklift Operators

Skilled Trade

HVAC Technicians, Maintenance, Journeyman Electrician


HR, Finance, Sales, IT


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