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Gain hands-on experience with the revolutionary batteries powering electric vehicles (EV) through a summer internship at LG Energy Solution Michigan, Inc. We invest in our interns, giving them projects to make a positive impact and drive the future of EV forward in a historic time for the automotive industry.

What to expect

As an intern at LGESMI, you’ll spend much of your time working on a summer-long project with your department mentors. You’ll learn new tools, apply classroom learning and gain practical experience in the field of advanced EV batteries.

Internships are full-time, paid opportunities from May through August to accommodate most school schedules. While many of our interns focus on engineering disciplines, we also offer opportunities in supply chain management, accounting, environmental health and safety, and more. We look to match your skills with impactful projects to prepare you to head into the workforce.

Work You Can Be Proud Of

Each year our interns showcase their work to all of our Holland employees through a Project Expo. Our employees recognize the value of your hard work.

The Full Picture

Beyond applying classroom experience to real world lithium-ion batteries, we make sure you have the chance to see the full process. The more you learn and understand, the better prepared you are for your future career.

More Than a Job

When not working hard on innovative technology, you’ll have fun gathering for lunches, volunteering for group beach clean up and competing against each other in scavenger hunts to get to know your workplace and coworkers.

What our interns are saying

“LG’s unique blending of international cultures and approachable, available staff made my internship a great experience. I felt like my work really made a difference, that I didn’t just do tedious tasks but my voice was heard and valued.”

Riley Farfield

Hope College

“For my performance over the summer [in the LG Intern Program], I actually won an award at my college (Youngstown State University) and came in second for the national winner of this award!  The [LG Intern] program is heavily focused on making sure that interns have everything they need to successfully integrate into the workforce and make meaningful contributions.  My favorite part about my internship at LG was the intern lunches every Wednesday and Friday, it was really nice to have the ability to go into a room with a bunch of people happy to talk to you if you felt up to it. Very well organized, awesome people, makes an effort to get interns together for things like lunch, intern oriented.”

Kara Bischoff

Youngstown State University

“It was great to see the big picture and to learn many of the Quality Assurance processes as an intern for LGESMI. I would highly recommend working with LG, a growing company in the sustainable energy industry.”

James Kim

Calvin University

“I would highly recommend an internship at LG Energy Solution. I have worked for LG for the past three summers, and during the summer of 2020 I had the pleasure of being a part of their first ever internship program. As an intern at LG, you will have hands-on opportunities in your field that are rare to get at other companies. In my experience, other employees were happy to help me learn and grow throughout my time there. The HR team worked hard to ensure that we had a fun and unique experience by holding events outside of work to help us get to know the other interns. Overall, I have nothing but positive things to say about being an intern at LG Energy Solution and I am looking forward to coming back during the summer of 2021!”

Max Kessler

University of Michigan

“The intern program was a really helpful experience to me. LG has a really unique experience. I worked on two teams while at LG, Process Technology and Assembly, and both teams helped me learn a lot about the industry and career paths within engineering and statistics. As an engineering intern you get to see a lot of the plant floor and work closely with all kinds of different people both within your team and outside of it. I also met some really great people through this internship! I highly recommend this internship to anyone wanting to really explore career paths or gain experience in their engineering field. My favorite part about working with LG was how much they tried to include me in something specific to my career path and really worked to make sure I had a positive experience with them. They work really hard to cultivate a great experience for their interns and make sure we were treated well and gained knowledgeable experience we can use in the future.”

Payton Miloser

Grand Valley State University

“I’d recommend LG for people who like to be challenged. There are new issues every day that require outside of the box thinking. As an intern, it was my responsibility to learn from operators, technicians and other engineers to gain insight on the issue at hand. My favorite part about the LG Internship Program is that there are some group activities that allow you to get to know other interns as well as other employees (even the president of the company!). Overall, 11/10 recommend applying for the LG Energy Solution Intern Program.”


Grand Valley State University

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