Internship Spotlight: Shaina J.

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Shaina discovered LG Energy Solution Michigan while attending a Grand Valley State University career fair. She spoke to a recruiter about her desire to find a way to combine her interest in sustainable energy with her minor in engineering. A few weeks later, the recruiter contacted Shaina to offer her an interview for an environmental intern position in the Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) department.

Creating Something New

During her internship, Shaina worked with the EHS team on a variety of projects. She’s particularly proud of her role in developing the new waste management program. Her biggest task was training teams from different departments on how to use the new system. “This waste management program is complicated because it works with valuable scrap materials that require careful tracking and record keeping”, Shaina explained, “Because there are different materials for each department, the process changes, and we had to customize user training for each department’s materials.”

Defining Her Career Path

“I’m interested in environmental compliance as a career path. This internship has given me experience in environmental compliance at the corporate level, which has been extremely valuable in helping me solidify my career goals,” Shaina said. Shaina found many mentors and friends during her internship. She’s enjoyed their ability to laugh and have fun while collaborating on important projects.

Don’t Forget, You’re Here to Learn

“More than anything, I would tell future interns to be open to the experience. As an entry-level person, this is the time when you’re able to learn freely. Remain open, ask a lot of questions, and don’t be afraid to demonstrate what you’ve learned,” Shaina said.

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