Volunteer Fire Brigade


LG Energy Solution announced the implementation of a quick-response fire brigade. The volunteer brigade features 23 members of the LGESMI team, all joining in addition to their normal day-to-day assignments.

The team includes one fire brigade leader or fire chief, three captains, a training officer and 18 firefighters who all completed a National Fire Protection Association firefighter physical, 80 hours of initial training and additional weekly trainings, drills and meetings.

Peace of Mind

“These 23 individuals went above and beyond their normal assignments to form our fire brigade and protect our employees,” said president Nick Kassanos. “Nothing is more important at LG than the safety of our employees and this is another step we took to provide our employees with peace of mind.”

Following completion of training, each team member was outfitted with a custom fit suit featuring a helmet, Nomex hood, coat, pants, boots, gloves and a self-contained breathing apparatus with a custom sized face mask. The company also invested in hose reels, standpipes and hose racks along with radios, hand tools, thermal imaging cameras and other equipment.

Equipped to Respond

“The group put in hours of physical training and additional hours in the classroom to ensure we provide the first line of defense against fires on our campus,” said Sarah Bushee, fire brigade leader. “Through extensive training, our team is equipped to respond to fire emergencies and engage in interior firefighting operations as well as medical emergencies within the plant.”

To keep the brigade up-to-date, team members will undergo ongoing training in areas like incident command, leadership and more while also completing weekly trainings and drills.

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