Employee Spotlight: Abby K.


Previously working as an English tutor to international employees as well as working for university study abroad programs around the globe, Abby is no stranger to teaching and bridging cultures. Since October 2020, Abby has worked at LG Energy Solution in the HR department, first as an HR Coordinator and now as an HR Generalist. “LG was my first full-time job in America,” Abby said. “Every day is different and it’s great to work for a global company.”

Abby’s primary responsibility as an HR generalist is to support LG’s foreign service employees (FSE) who come to work in Holland from LG’s Korean headquarters. Abby works out details for all of these employees including day-to-day needs such as housing, transportation, smart phones, opening bank accounts and assisting with visas and immigration documents. “I take care of all the basic things employees need to settle in the States,” Abby said. Additionally, she runs a separate orientation for all FSEs. 

Bridging the Gap

Abby moved to Michigan and joined the American workforce in 2017, experiencing the same culture shock and change that many of the FSEs experience. The FSEs that Abby works with regularly inspire her with the progress that they make. “Seeing FSEs after a year of living here and gaining experience,” she said. “ To see them get out of their comfort zone and make relationships with their colleagues and engage in team building is really great.” 

Abby very much enjoys her job, and noted that the challenge of bridging a culture gap can be difficult. “There are things that I can explain to our FSEs and employees about the cultural differences,” she said, “Challenges can arise out of differences. Not because one side is right and the other is wrong, but because it’s difficult to change your frame of reference.” Abby and the team at LG work together to bridge those cultural differences.

Reaching a Goal Together

With the FSE program as with all of LG Energy Solution’s programs, Abby noted that the ultimate goal is to make LG Holland better and to improve the batteries for LG’s customers. “After some time getting used to the culture we can all work toward that goal together,” she said. “That makes me feel really good. It tells me this is why I’m needed here.”

For those considering LG, Abby recommends taking the plunge and joining the fast growing company. “There are lots of opportunities to grow,” she said, “but that can be overwhelming too. For new employees, it’s good to be excited about that large company presence but also good to be aware of the challenges and the changes that come with growth.”

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