Employee Spotlight: Bailey G


As pack department Production Coordinator, Bailey manages everything coming in and out of her line. That might be anything from PEE, to parts, schedules, or anything that an operator on the line or an engineer might need. 

Bailey has worked as a production coordinator for 2 ½ of her 5 years at LG Energy Solution. She previously worked in the customer service and administration industry before switching to manufacturing. 

“I heard a lot of great things about LG when I was looking,” said Bailey. “They had great benefits and great pay. So I went to a job fair where they interviewed me. They hired me on the spot, even with no manufacturing experience.”

Taking Initiative

Starting at LG Energy Solution as a 2nd shift entry-level operator, Bailey has always worked in the pack department. “When I started on the line, I made sure I took every opportunity to learn what leadership was doing. I’ve worked really hard to get where I am. My daughter is my motivation for all that.”

Company Growth and Constant Improvement

Beyond the growth opportunities that Bailey has taken, she appreciates the excitement behind the EV batteries that she and her coworkers make. “It really is a great place to work. We’re creating electric car batteries—that’s something that the world hasn’t experienced much of yet and we get to make a change with that.”

Being at the company for five of its last ten years has given Bailey a unique perspective. “This field is growing so much. I’ve seen a lot of change here at LG, a lot of positive changes—improvements in quality and communications,” she said. “Our department has grown so much and it’s become a better place.”

Bailey counts the small ways she improves every day as regular moments of pride in her accomplishments. “I’m always finding ways for improvement, whether that’s training people so they’re aware of processes, helping new employees navigate the facility, or communicating between the line and leadership. I take pride in whatever I do, but every day I feel I have to find a way to make something better.”

A Diverse Workforce and Clean Facility

A self-proclaimed bubbly person, Bailey loves making others smile and enjoys the people she works with. “It’s nice to look forward to seeing the people you work with every day. We have so much diversity here, which means you can run into different obstacles like language barriers or cultural differences when you’re trying to teach or communicate an idea,” she said. “We always find a way to work things out.”

While the people make the job enjoyable for Bailey, the facility itself is the icing on the cake. “It’s a really nice, clean facility here,” said Bailey. “A lot of people in manufacturing don’t have AC or a clean environment, but at LG it’s cool and you know your clothes won’t get dirty every day.”

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