Employee Spotlight: Elaine


Arriving every day at 7am for her role as Assembly Production Coordinator, Elaine is often the first employee that her first shift coworkers see. She onboards new employees, ensures proper inventory management and works with department purchasing to provide her coworkers on the line with what they need.

 “I enjoy helping people with the little things,” said Elaine. “It might be helping people get a pair of gloves or a mask that they themselves couldn’t order.” 

Starting at a New Company

Elaine joined LG Energy Solution almost ten years ago after her previous employer relocated to Mexico. Knowing that LG was new to the area, Elaine saw opportunities for growth and upward motion in the company. 

Not long after starting, she had the opportunity to move into a position of her own creation, first as an administrator and now as coordinator. Elaine works within her department and also coordinates with other departments on projects such as gathering competitive pricing quotes from vendors. 

Then and Now

Thanks to Elaine’s trailblazing, many departments now have their own coordinators, modeled on her position. “I see what I’ve paved and have seen how it helped others in creating this new position. Maintenance, Shipping and Receiving and even HR all have coordinators now.”

In her almost decade with the company, LG Energy Solution Michigan, Inc. has grown from around 100 to now over 1,000 employees. Elaine noted that she often sees operators from other bigger companies want to join in on the growth they see at LGES Michigan. She is grateful to work for a company that makes mid-career changes possible for engineers and manufacturing operators alike.

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