Employee Spotlight: Jesse


Set Up for Success

A Crew Leader on the pack line, Jesse has worked at LG Energy Solution Michigan for about a year and a half. In his role, Jesse makes sure that the line is running properly, with the machines functioning well and the employees working well together. “I’m here to help my coworkers succeed,” he said. 

Jesse is proud to have been promoted as quickly as he was. “Being set up to succeed in that environment, it’s easy to be promoted,” he said. “If you’re enthusiastic and take interest in your job, they see that. They want everyone to better themselves.” 

Clean and Standardized

Before joining the LG team, Jesse worked for a meat processing facility. His prior work experience gave him an appreciation for LG’s cleanliness. “The environment is clean, and we clean every day after our shift. You could come in wearing a nice pair of pants knowing that you could leave at the end of the day without getting them dirty.” He also appreciates the effort to standardize processes and keep things as efficient as possible. “There’s an expectation that every piece of equipment has a place, and everyone knows where to find it,” he said.

Flourishing at Work and Home

In addition to the physical environment, Jesse’s coworkers make LG Energy Solution a great place to work. “Everyone has a friendly attitude here. Everybody wants to help everybody, which is a huge deal.“

More than the immediate benefits of his position, Jesse knows that the job also allows his family to flourish.  “This job allows me to provide for my family in the way that I want to,” he said. “I’m giving my family a better life. I take huge pride in being able to support my family that way.”

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