Employee Spotlight: Justin R.


As a Production Part Leader in the Formation department, Justin oversees the formation supervisors, resolving employee challenges, scheduling concerns, training, and compiling reports for weekly HQ meetings. In his role Justin loves working with his team. “The greatest part of the job is the people,” he said. “There’s a lot of respect and understanding and people tend to trust your judgment here. I trust my supervisors to make the best decision for the company with the information they have available to them.”

In his current role as production part leader, Justin appreciates the variety of work. “I don’t face the same thing every day. I have to use ingenuity to its limits. Here there isn’t a mundane routine that comes with longevity.”

Quick Career Growth

Justin started at LG in August 2016 as an engineer after working in Florida, Texas and Michigan in a variety of positions and industries, mainly in management. 

Within the company, Justin has moved from engineer to engineering part leader to production part leader. ”Career growth has been very quick—the growth we’re experiencing as a company and for me personally,” Justin said. “It’s easy to move up here as a high performer or good worker. They recognize that.” 

With some time at the company under his belt, Justin has found a passion for teaching and mentoring. “My proudest moments have been seeing my team members grow. One of my highest performing supervisors started here as a temporary employee, and now they take on tasks that dramatically help me every day.”

Benefits Beyond Pay

For those considering LG, Justin advises an openness to change and the growing pains that come with a growing company and industry. Beyond that, he also recommends candidates look closely at more than just the pay employers offer. “Everyone’s looking at what they can make an hour. That’s great, but look at your benefits. Here the greatest perks in my eyes are the great benefits and the facility itself. It’s 70 degrees all year round and it’s clean. “

With all of his accomplishments over the past years, Justin looks forward to a bright future with LG.  “I can see myself being here the rest of my career,” he said. “This is the first job I’ve had where I can see that potential. I’m comfortable here but I know there’s still so much to learn. The EV market is growing and I feel like we’re in on the ground level.”

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