Employee Spotlight: Kyera


Leaving her third shift job every day covered in sawdust, Kyera was ready for a change. “I knew there was something else out there for me,” she said.

That knowledge led Kyera to a position at LG Energy Solution Michigan, Inc. in the packaging department. Recently, Kyera received a promotion to Assembly Production Coordinator for the assembly department. “This new position pushes me out of my comfort zone. I’m forced to talk to people and it challenges me everyday.”

New Responsibilities

As a self-proclaimed introvert, Kyera’s previous position allowed her to blend in. After helping the lead coordinator in her department, Kyera’s coworkers saw her hard work which led to her promotion. The new position has allowed Kyera to grow in confidence and leadership. “I was a quiet person in my old job,” she said, “but now I’m a social butterfly spreading my wings.”

“I have a lot of responsibility now,” Kyera said. “Before, I would come to work and just start my machine and keep it running all day. Now I have all sorts of people asking me for shoes or letting me know that their rulers aren’t calibrated correctly.”

Embracing the Challenge

This new position was a challenge that Kyera embraced. ”This job challenges me to be more social and it engages my problem solving skills. It makes me think deeper every day.” Kyera also noted that her previous experience as a Technical Operator allows her to think empathetically. She said, “I see the problem one way, but an operator may see it differently. I’m constantly putting myself in others’ shoes.”

Kyera very much enjoys her job at LG and can see herself retiring from there. “At LG there’s constant change, but it’s good change.”

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