Employee Spotlight: Maria


Finding a New Path

Ensuring that her coworkers on the line have the necessary parts to complete their jobs, Maria works in the Formation Department as part of the inventory team. The Formation Department activates the electric vehicle battery cells, charging and discharging the batteries. 

Prior to joining the LG team, Maria worked in production for a local food manufacturing company. When she was laid off in 2019, she worked with an agency who connected her to LG Energy Solution Michigan, Inc., where she has continued to build her career for over a year now. 

Be Positive and Patient

As part of the inventory team, Maria enjoys the variety of her job. “I’m always busy and doing different things,” she said. “It’s a good place to work.” Beyond the variety of the work itself, physically counting for inventory allows Maria to work in more than one area of the floor and meet many of the LG employees. She also enjoys being part of a team who can help determine next steps based on the findings of their inventory—deciding what can be reworked for future use and what has served its purpose.

Maria’s proudest moment at LG so far has been securing her hi-lo forklift license. With it, she says she doesn’t have to wait for someone else to operate the forklift, and she is happy to be able to take initiative in her work. “Now I can do it by myself,” she said. 

For those considering a career with LG Energy Solution, Maria advises keeping a positive work attitude. “Be positive and patient,” she said, advising that candidates and new employees alike take the time to learn and do their tasks well.

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