Employee Spotlight: Nicole


LG Energy Solution manufactures energy storage cells that are joined into packs and sent directly to car manufacturers. In the pack quality assurance department, you’ll find Nicole working with incoming parts for packs and modules, watching the line and processes, conducting visual inspections and completing caliper measurements to ensure proper sizing. 

Nicole started almost 3 years ago with LG Energy Solution as Technical Operator, moving up to Technical Operator II and most recently receiving a promotion to Senior Technical Operator with a team of six under her direction.

A Chance to Lead

Before coming to LG, Nicole always looked for leadership opportunities. Working in business administration and graphic design for local media and print companies, Nicole saw an opening with LG as a chance to move up and lead as she always wished to. 

In her role as Senior Technical Operator, she enjoys the support and trust of her supervisor and leadership team. “They value my ideas and ability to lead,” she said, mentioning the opportunity to implement these ideas on the line or in processes. “I can see how my ideas are making positive changes.”

Full Support

Beyond the opportunities to lead, Nicole rests easy knowing that she’s contributing to future clean energy. She also appreciates the diversity of LG, which employs many people from different backgrounds and career paths.

Nicole feels taken care of at LG. “It’s clean, there’s climate control and the benefits are phenomenal. They really treat us well here.” In addition to the physical space and benefits, Nicole also mentioned the accessibility of support. Even though her position may be a long walk from the administrative offices, a designated HR representative is available in her department. “I feel like I can actually go talk to them about next steps or how to appropriately handle a situation,” she said. With the support of her team, Nicole looks forward to continued growth in her career at LG Energy Solution.

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