Employee Spotlight- Pedro N.


Pedro works in the environmental, health and safety department. In his job, Pedro monitors the safety of several LG plants. He knows the company’s policies and procedures like the back of his hand and spends most of his time optimizing the safety of his coworkers’ environments.

Pedro’s roots are in the oil industry, where he learned all there is to know about safety compliance. He appreciates working at LG because of how much safer the job is for himself and his coworkers. Working in the oil industry, Pedro constantly traveled for his job. He loves that, working for LG, he gets to go home at the end of every day.

Building Lasting Relationships 

Having an interactive job is essential for Pedro. Unlike previous jobs where he saw a different crew every other day, Pedro feels that his relationships at LG are consistent and his coworkers care about how he’s doing. “It’s nice to hear people call you out by name and remember your previous conversation. I visit various departments daily, but there’s always someone who recognizes me and wants to talk to me,” he said. 

Benefits Beyond the Paycheck

When asked about benefits, Pedro said, “I’m enrolled in everything!” The variety of excellent benefits LG provides is one of the reasons Pedro feels he will stay with the company long-term. “Another company could offer me an extra dollar, but my medical insurance is a much bigger contribution to my check,” Pedro said. He also has a sense of job security at LG. With the company’s expansion and the world’s progression to green energy, he feels his job will be around for many years. 

Outside of work, Pedro acts as the regional president of a charity motorcycle association. He rides his 2021 Harley Road Glide to support local charities, such as The Hispanic Autism Services of Michigan, for Veteran’s Day and to cover funeral costs for members who have lost loved ones. 

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