Employee Spotlight: Randi


As a Crew Leader in the Formation Logistics department, Randi has worked at LG for over 3 years after a family member referred her to LG. She leads a team of 10-20 individuals in her department, making sure all tasks are properly staffed and running smoothly.

Within Randi’s department are multiple other Crew Leaders directly staffing their production lines. Randi leads Formation Logistics for second shift, making sure internal shipments get to the right place. With multiple other departments involved, Randi’s position requires careful coordination. “Some people work on a single line, while my area is more integrated with other departments,” Randi said. “So my job gets a little more complicated that way.”

Independence and Personal Growth

Randi is grateful for the freedom her role provides. “I enjoy the independence I have to get the job done. It’s fast-paced,” said Randi. The additional logistical challenge and independence of her role have spurred Randi on to professional growth. “I keep growing as a person here, growing as a leader.”

She appreciates that others recognize her growth too. “My proudest moment was when I was promoted to Senior Tech. That promotion showed I was growing as an operator and the managers were seeing my growth and ability to do more.”

Flexibility in Company Growth

From Randi’s perspective, open-mindedness and flexibility are key values for any LG employee, as LG Energy Solution’s rapid expansion over the past years has involved a fair share of changes. “It’s a growing company and they’re working hard to do right by their employees,” she said.

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