Employee Spotlight: Randy


As a Tech II in the Shipping and Receiving department, Randy has worked at LG for about four years. Randy and his coworkers wear many hats, mainly providing essential materials for other departments.

Randy has wide ranging manufacturing experience, working in a variety of places before joining LG. “I’ve worked quite a few factory jobs before I came to LG. A lot of those were hard jobs, fast-paced, dirty and you would get talked down to by others,” he said. 

“At LG I don’t get any of that. It’s doable work. The supervisors are fair, friendly and they actually care about their employees. They care about your home life, how you’re doing, your well-being.”

Rising to the Challenge

In his position, Randy mentioned the level of difficulty being just right. “A lot of people might want a breezy, easy job,” he said. “You don’t want a job to be too easy, but this job is also not too hard.”

Navigating the challenges of the job also feels rewarding to Randy in other ways. “We’re working on the cutting edge of something very environmentally friendly, building batteries for electric cars.”

Being Able to Help

Randy’s proudest moment at LG so far has been becoming a first responder. “There’s no pay involved, it’s just something to do for the reward of being able to help,” he said. “I saw others around with first responder badges and asked my supervisor about them. They set me up with classes and now I’m the only first responder that currently works on my shift.”

What’s Right and Fair

Randy is thankful for the effort that supervisors put in to help their employees. “Supervisors here always try their very best to do what’s right and what’s fair. They do a good job of building good rapport with the team. They always try their best.”

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