Employee Spotlight: Steve


Changing Fields

When Steve lost his job during the COVID-19 pandemic as so many others did, he saw an opportunity to make a career change. 

Previously serving 24 years as a director for a food service company, Steve understood the leadership values of patience and listening well as he explored his options. Part of this exploration process involved attending one of LG Energy Solution’s regular career fairs. There he met the LG team, and expanded his knowledge of the company.

Food to Batteries

After only 8 months on the job, Steve’s coworkers recently nominated him for employee of the month. His contributions as an operator in the Formation, Charge and Discharge department make a difference. “They recognize my hard work and see that I’m leading by example. It makes me want to work harder,” said Steve.

“It was a big learning curve, taking a new path and learning more technical things,” he said. Changing industries from food service to EV battery manufacturing was a challenge that Steve embraced. Steve’s current position ensures that the battery cells are properly holding a charge after they go through an aging process. Each battery is monitored as it charges and discharges to ensure the highest quality product for customers.

Steve also appreciates the positive atmosphere at LG Energy Solution. “My team has been very supportive and willing to help me learn and grow,” Steve said. He noted that his coworkers and supervisor genuinely care and listen to his ideas. Steve looks forward to continued growth and learning at LG.

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